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At Serefe, we can provide the best, one-on-one mental health treatment; now in Gurugram.

Child Development & Enhancement Center

With the skills to help them engage in an environment where they feel safe, your child can meet the therapy goals without realising that they are receiving therapeutic interventions.

Every program is unique depending on your child's needs and goals services may be provided individually or in small groups. Our therapists communicate with each other through what child therapy in order to reinforce strategies that help them reach their goals.

As parents and caregivers you are welcome and encouraged to be active participants in the process and are supported as you navigate your family special challenges.

Holistic Therapy Center

Serefe Holistic Therapy Centre has been started to help you build a- “Healthy body-Healthy Mind- Healthy Soul,” which will eventually lead to “Happy YOU”.

We have a team of Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Past-Life Regression therapists, Counsellors, Art Therapists, Pranic and Reiki Healers, Dance & Movement Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Audiology Speech and Language Therapist. They believe in helping an individual to heal and have an overall holistic development.

We believe in focusing on your strengths, managing challenges, and walking the journey of life together. Incidences in our lives make us more resilient. We believe that seeking therapy for your mind and body is no different from seeing a medical doctor when you are physically unwell. We are here for you.

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