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Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists are health care professionals who work with children to develop and enhance their skills through use of various tools, exercises, daily activities and play activities. Occupational therapists can help children with physical, sensory and cognitive difficulties and improve their independent living skills and quality of life. Occupational therapy can help children in their self care skills, play skills and education through skills development techniques, adaptive technology and environment modifications.


Pediatric OT Assessment and Rehabilitation

Neurological OT Assessment and Rehabilitation

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Brain Gym and Movement Therapy

ADL Training

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Extreme Mood Swings



Downs syndrome


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Meenal Jain
BOT (gold medalist),MOT- Neurology,PAMOT
Registration no. A- 05682

Dr.Meenal Jain has been associated with occupational therapy services since 2005 and has an extensive professional experience of more than 7 years. From clinical setups, hospitals, and to inclusive school, she has worked in all possible domains. She is trained in practicing various tools and techniques, like sensory integration, NDT, PNF, Brain Gym, Play therapy etc.