The COVID-19 pandemic has immensely affected the well-being of people. This is because, well-being refers to the practice of happiness, good health, and contentment. It ensures good health, life satisfaction, and the capacity to manage one’s stress in life. So, this crisis has greatly impacted the well-being of the children. Their uncertainty regarding the virus disrupted their routine as well. 

With the rise in cases, the schools shifted to an online mode of teaching and the children took their own time to adjust, and out of which some are still adjusting. For the children, their mode of learning changed, and it led to huge changes in their study patterns. This pandemic not only took their good memories of school life but also became a source of crisis in their life.

Due to the situation, the children haven’t been able to play outside or even meet their friends and that has immensely disrupted their social life. And, their childhood years of experiencing happiness in their school life, got converted into sitting home and attending classes and learning skills from home. This huge change in their lifestyle has led to various issues in their life and while some children have been able to manage their routine, yet there are others who’ve been facing issues pertaining to their health and well-being. It has been a stressful time for them since they have faced a lot of difficulties to accept the new normal and deal with it effectively. Even though there is uncertainty towards the current scenario, yet there is still hope for better days to come. And, it is even more important for the children to address their issues, and especially the issues pertaining to their mental health and wellness, since they are unable to manage their thoughts and feelings, and in turn affecting their daily routine. 

The notion of well-being should be taught to the children, and it is the responsibility of the teachers as well the parents of children to help them cope with the crisis in an adaptive manner. In this particular situation, it is even more vital for the parents as well as teachers to ensure the well-being of the children. 

There are various steps that can be taken, in order to ensure the well-being of children. These include:

  • The parents can support their children to check in with their friends and other family members over virtual meet. 
  • They can create a safe physical as well as an emotional environment for their children to manage the situation effectively.
  • They need to ensure that their children focus on positivity, strengths to be able to deal with the current situation in a positive light.
  • They can limit the use of media for their children, whenever they feel overwhelmed.
  • They can even discuss the challenges of virtual learning with the school teachers and the school counselors to gain a better perspective for their children.
  • They can plan virtual movie nights to enhance the mood of their children.
  • It is vital that the children are engaged in various activities at home so that they remain in routine and spend their time effectively.
  • During class time, the teachers can organize various activities and quizzes, in order to make the children more aware of the situation and in turn learn various ways of coping with the pandemic situation.
  • The children should be encouraged to stay indoors and take all the required precautions, in order to remain safe in this crisis situation.
  • Even, it is vital that parents keep a check on the mental health of their children and help them get professional help to achieve optimum wellness.
  • And, it is highly important that parents are there to support their children and provide them with all the necessary care and support.

Further, it is important that the parents support the mental health needs of their children, and enable them to seek help from a mental health professional so that they can express their issues freely, without any judgments. And, getting the necessary support and care is the major step towards the acknowledgment of their issue. Furthermore, there is a need for the school counsellors to hold virtual discussions with parents regarding the child’s wellness. Moreover, it is essential that the child is heard in a non-judgmental manner, and is shown the necessary empathy and care by the therapist, coz only then they would be able to talk about their issues freely. Therefore, learning skills in therapy to be able to help the children deal with their issues in an efficient manner. Hence, enriching the mental health and well-being of children in this pandemic situation.



Vanya Chadha

Counselling Psychologist @ Serefe

May 24, 2021