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Serefe Counselling and Therapy Centre is an online counseling platform providing mental health and holistic wellbeing services. Our team of Counselors, Therapists collaboratively works towards holistic healing of the individuals in need of emotional support.

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Serefe understands that Mental Health is a very sensitive and stigmatised issue, and we are committed to break these stereotypes and provide you with a safe, secure, confidential place to seek support from our team of trained, skilled Counsellor, Clinical Psychologist and Therapists to understand your feelings and emotions.

So, If you’re feeling overwhelmed, dejected, anxious, out of control, or going through a break-up, facing family / relationship issues, our team of professionals can help you identify and provide you adequate support and guidance to find a sense of peace, calm, and balance in your daily life.

Serefe is to help you:

  • Become self-sufficient, self-dependent, and self-directed
  • Being aware of your issues and stay in touch with the inner self.
  • Enhance your personal, social, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing

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We at Serefe are committed to encourage acceptance of mental health difficulties, promote prevention and facilitate interventions. We make this happen through a strong team of professional counsellors, clinical psychologists, holistic therapists, and wellness experts via chat/audio call and in-clinic consultations.

Serefe Counselling and Wellness Centre is an all-women initiative driven towards mental well-being. Our ultimate motto is taking care of an individual's well-being, holistically. We provide services through online counselling and in-clinic consultation across India.
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Psychiatrists Onboard

When the problem is severe or sudden, such as a panic attack, frightening hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, or hearing voices, or having long-term feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or anxiousness that never seems to fade away and disrupts everyday life, then it is time to consult a psychiatrist for pharmacological intervention.

NOTE: In the above mentioned cases, you will be referred to by a Serefe Clinical psychologists.


What our customers say about us



Senior Consultant


Hi ! I am working at a corporate setup and I used to have the fear of spending money. Due to work pressure, I wasn't able to go for in- person consultation. I searched for Online Consultation with a Clinical psychologist and I found Serefe. I was connected to a Clinical Psychologist as per my own requirements and started my therapy sessions. I would like to thank Serefe and my Clinical Psychologist for helping me in the best possible way and I'm still in the recovering process.



College Student


My childhood had been very toxic. My parents didn't understand me and I have lived my life with my constant fear of abandonment and loneliness. Above that social anxiety made it hard for me, I didn't use to move out of the house, fearing what people would think about me. It is still difficult but I am coping better after therapy sessions. I thank Serefe and my therapist.



Senior Engineer

Relationship Counselling

I was going through a rough patch with my girlfriend for a long time. It was a 10 years old relationship that ended abruptly and I wasn't able to control my emotions. I used to get repeated thoughts of self-worthlessness and was not able to come out of it in any possible way. I sought online counselling sessions from Serefeorg for the first time and now I'm regularly taking sessions and it's really helping me to deal with my emotions.



Apparently we have set of questions that might be bothering you.

We have answered them all.

Serefe is a platform where you can talk to professional and trained counsellors and listeners via various media- chat, voice and video calls, and seek help for your various psychosocial needs.
We offer counselling services through various trained professionals from all walks of life: from the fields of developmental psychology, career counselling, family-and-marriage counselling, senior-citizen’s assistance, personal mental health, spiritual and psychic healing, among many others.
Communications between you and the counsellor can proceed in three ways: -Via text messages with your counselor -Via calls from our platform -Via video conferencing from our platform You can use whichever medium suits you, based on your needs and convenience


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This website does not provide medical or psychiatric advice. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional medical, psychological or psychiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 112.